600 West Foulke Ave
Findlay, Ohio 45840
Phone: 419-422-6000
Fax: 419-422-6600

Haley's Machine & Welding specializes in high performance engines for street and track use, and also prepares small engines for go-kart racing. We're experts in vintage auto engine restoration, too, so if you've got a 1950s Flat Head Ford or a 6-cylinder GMC, stop on by.

Our complete services include:
• 3-angle valve grinding & seating
• Crankshaft assembly, grinding, polishing & balancing
• Assembly balancing
• Engine-block boring
• Block & head cleaning
• Block boring & finish honing
• Pressure checking heads & blocks for cracks
• Rod reconditioning
• Valve guide and seat replacement
• Head & block resurfacing
• Small engine repair
• Tig welding of aluminum, magnesium & stainless steel

For price quotes or questions about services not listed above, give us a call.